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Do you feel like you're meant for more?

Leading with Light will help you become more aware of what works for you, more aligned with your soul’s deepest calling, and more intentional in your choices.

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Book Mock-up New Cover

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Do you feel like you're meant for more?
Leading with Light will help you become more aware of what works for you, more aligned with your soul’s deepest calling, and more intentional in how you live and lead in work and life.

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Lead yourself and others with the principles of conscious leadership used by thousands.
The Modern Way To Lead

It's Time To Choose Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership isn't a set of unrealistic expectations that are impossible to achieve. And it isn't a laundry list of a dozen principles you can't remember. 

Conscious leadership is about being more aware, aligned, and intentional in how you live and lead.

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We Are For Good Features Leading With Light

Thanks to Jon and Becky at We Are For Good for featuring Leading With Light on their podcast!

"Jen and Jeff have elevated the notion of conscious leadership. We thought we knew what it was – but they have a 2.0 approach to it that is so brilliant. It's not about being a leader who does more. It's about being a leader who is more. We want everyone to get this book in their hands. It's game-changing for this world."
Becky Endicott and Jon McCoy
We Are For Good

Does this sound familiar?

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How do you know when you're ready for more?

Praise for Leading With Light

What Our Readers Say

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What people like you are saying after reading Leading With Light

“I’ve had the pleasure of bringing my entire leadership team to work with Jennifer and Jeff. It was magic. After four days of deep conversation, strategic thinking, and dreaming about what is possible, we returned to the airport awestruck. The work to become more aware of our passions, aligned as a team, and intentional in who and how we serve has catapulted our business. Leading with Light is an instant reminder of that magic – it makes these principles accessible to everyone, and we’ll all be better for it.”
Dan Horton
Dan Horton
President and CEO, The Horton Group
“Leading with Light is the go-to-guide for conscious leaders looking to make a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of those they lead. Jennifer and Jeff’s natural light and positivity jump out of every page. Reading this book is like sipping a warm cup of soup on a cold winter day.”
Elaine Martyn
Elaine Martyn
Senior Vice President, Fidelity Charitable
"Leading with Light is an example of why Jennifer and Jeff are the people to help us not only become conscious leaders but also deliver a better version of ourselves. The personal connection and insights helped me to become more in touch with myself and ultimately become a better leader. This is a must-read for anyone looking to grow or become a better human."
Freddie Noe
Freddie Noe
Master Distiller, James B. Beam Distilling Company
“Jennifer and Jeff helped me to embrace my authentic self ­­– and find the courage to express who I am. Leading with Light has been a gift to be real with myself, to know myself more fully, and to empower me to shine my light brighter and fully live my purpose.”-
Suzanne Graney
Suzanne Granney
Executive Director, Four Diamonds
“Leading With Light is the perfect book for a world of people yearning for more. Through profound and personal insights, exercises, and practices, Jennifer and Jeff take a fresh approach to leadership by bringing us back to the person who matters most: ourselves. In a time when we’re all told to do more and be more, the invitation to become more aware, aligned, and intentional to the light within is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend this book.”
Tom Bufalino
Tom Bufalino
General Manager, James B. Beam Distilling Company
“Jennifer and Jeff's teachings have been a game-changer for me. Before Leading with Light, my life was misaligned. I was tired and unsure. Now, I’m more passionate than ever. I’m purpose-driven. I know what’s possible, and I’m going to make it happen. With this book, anyone can exponentially grow their impact on the world, and the world desperately needs it.”
Derek Allen
Derek Allen
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Starr Commonwealth
“For years, I have told friends near and far who were at a crossroads and looking for direction that they should attend a Lantern Retreat with Jennifer and Jeff. The problem was, when you’re at a crossroads, the timing, money, or motivation can prove elusive. Now, Jennifer and Jeff have given us Leading with Light to help reorient ourselves right when we need it, to help us get through and refer back to along our journey."
Evelyn Furse
Evelyn Furse
Summit County Clerk, Former U.S. Magistrate Judge
“Jeff and Jennifer call each of us to bring our full selves to our work, including our emotions, which is unique in business. In their new book, Leading with Light, Jeff and Jennifer share their personal journeys and guide readers into deep personal reflection. Through exercises and practices, the authors encourage you to courageously express your best self and let your presence shine— not just at work, but in all areas of your life. I highly recommend this book.”
Killeen Liam
Liam Kileen
CEO, Wells Enterprises, Inc. maker of Blue Bunny Ice Cream, Bomb Pop, and Halo-Top
"Aldous Huxley wrote, “It’s dark because you are trying too hard.” His invitation to release our grip on uncertainty echoes through the pages of “Leading with Light.” If you choose to live and lead from a place of possibility instead of fear, from contribution rather than conflict, you will find in these pages both the inspiration and know-how to light your way.:
David Berry Headshot
David Berry
Leadership Educator and Author, More Human Than Otherwise: Living & Leading with Humility

About the Authors


Jennifer Mulholland

Jennifer is an author, strategist, alchemist, executive coach, and co-owner of Plenty Consulting. From a very young age, she's been dedicated to raising the consciousness of people on the planet. For the last decade, she and her business partner, Jeff Shuck, have helped thousands of conscious leaders and businesses grow in revenue, impact, and fulfillment. Before becoming co-owner of Plenty, Jennifer was Chief Innovation Officer at Sungard, a Fortune 500 technology company. She founded several businesses focused on bridging the gap between information and impact in healthcare, technology, and holistic wellbeing. She is a certified Reiki and Theta healer trained in shamanic and energy medicine. She has a B.S. degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Psychology, and Coaching from the University of Utah. She was a two-sport Division I athlete and captain at the University of Delaware, playing both field hockey and lacrosse. She lives in Park City, Utah, where she enjoys an active, outdoor lifestyle in the mountain town she's called home for almost thirty years.


Jeff Shuck

Jeff is an accomplished leader and entrepreneur with lifelong experience in leadership development, organizational growth strategy, and social impact. Jeff co-owns Plenty Consulting with his business partner and co-author, Jennifer Mulholland. Together, they have helped thousands of for-profit and non-profit leaders and organizations create innovative strategies, grow revenue, increase positive impact, develop new programs, and develop conscious cultures. Before founding Plenty, Jeff was co-founder and CEO of event fundraising firm Event 360, raising nearly a billion dollars for charity over 12 years. Jeff graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Rochester and earned an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and an MS in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern. His expertise in positive change and social impact has been featured in Marketplace, the Wall Street Journal, Fatherly, and the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Jeff is an avid musician, writer, and fitness enthusiast. He lives in Indiana with his wife, four kids, and two dogs.

Get To Know Your Guides

Meet Jen and Jeff

Leading With Light Cover Sun - Small

Learn more about how to lead with light as authors Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck introduce the core principles of conscious leadership. 

You're ready for more. 

If you feel like you're meant for more, you are.

Leaders like you are waking up to a more conscious way to work and live. 

Leading with Light offers a blueprint to help you become more aware of what works for you, more aligned to your soul’s deepest calling, and more intentional in your choices.

You are too important to settle for less. You’re meant for more.


You are light. 

Call it essence, soul, divine spark, life force – or whatever you name it to be. You are more than your body. You are more than your stresses and worries. And you are more than your accomplishments and your dreams.

You are light. 

Leading with Light means knowing who you are, what works for you, and what expands you. It means feeling confident in what you have to offer and sharing it with gusto. 

It's time to lead with light. 

You live one life. You don't have a "personal life" and a "professional life." Your light comes with you wherever you go. 

It's time to bring your full self to everything you do. When you do, you'll effort less, experience more flow, and enjoy the freedom of being you. 

Leading with Light isn't about doing more – it's about being more of who you truly are. 

Become Your Best You

The Benefits of Leading with Light

Leading With Light Cover Sun - Small

Whether you’re an experienced executive, a passionate entrepreneur, or simply embarking on a journey toward becoming a more mindful leader, this book will help you reach what's next. 

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